Here’s a new novelty idea I got from E-pipe, well, not really new but, an uncommon idea brought to local market and ready to be vaped by pinoy vapers and PV enthusiasts.

Presenting the BIGDADDY!!!

So, what is BIGDADDY? It’s a freakin’ no fuzz mod with dual atty connectors that you can vape simultaneously and have a lung bursting pleasure, all day long.

The size is of a typical 18650 tube mod. It is powered by one 18650 3.7v battery, for LV vaping. It also accepts two stacked batteries for HV vaping, in case you are still not overwhelmed by the plumes of vapor a dual atty LR config on this mod.

What else do you need to know about the BIGDADDY? It is made of aluminum/alloy plated with thick layers of bright shiny chrome. It’s another fingerprint magnet mod you may think but who cares! I love the bling! I just wish the chrome will last…

It is very light and a well balanced PV, coupled with three grooves for added aesthetics. The button is positioned on a recessed part of the upper tube. Much like mimicking the silver bullet’s button style but, on a slightly different approach. The only problem I see is that, the switch is not recessed deep enough, so there is a huge possibility of it firing inside your pocket.

Also, the switch is easy to press. You can vape with it very effortlessly, which is a big plus. I also like the idea of them putting some light show on the switch. Since, it is not a clicky button, the very bright blue LED gives you a hint that it is firing. And it fires well and I’ve never had any misfires since I used this mod.

The BIGDADDY is made up of three main parts. The bottom battery cap, the top cap, where the switch and the two atty connectors are situated and the middle battery tube that has the same thread ends so, you can interchange the two end caps for a different look.

The bottom cap spring has the same size of silver bullet’s copper hot spring. I happened to have one SB spring (courtesy of mrs mayor) and I manage to replace it with ease. A well worth upgrade too, IMO. The top cap is well insulated and the threads are also smooth so you will have no worries on cross threading.

The usual safety vent holes are present, in case of battery failure. Another plus on the safety department here guys.

The best feature of this mod, that I like the most. The dual atty connector, for dual atomizer configuration. You can use two attys simultaneously or use any of the two connectors for single atty vaping. There are no juice well or juice catch of any kind, like the silver bullet.

What I really like about the BIGDADDY is it’s a no nonsense PV. You just pop in the battery and the atomizers and vape away. No screws and airflow to adjust. If you want huge plumes, just use two atomizers. Its performance is somewhat close to what a silver bullet can throw on a newly charged battery and on a two atty config, there is unnoticeable loss of power.

My dislikes? No safety off or lock so it is better to remove the battery or atomizer if you plan on putting it in your pocket. The two atty connectors are placed a bit close to each other. You cannot put drip shields on the two attys. And since you cannot use dripsheilds, they should’ve at least put drip wells.

No other complains on part. It is a well performing mod that you can add to you ever growing collection. It is a good novelty PV and a nice conversation piece on vape meets too…

The BIGDADDY is available in kit form on all E-pipe branches. The kit consists of the unit itself, two atomizers, some cartridges, charger and one generic 18650 battery. I would recommend AW ICR or IMR batteries for this mod though…

Keep on vaping…