The Great White Smoke

It’s been a while now, since I got my GWS; courtesy of Dwighty. I haven’t had a bottom firing mod for a long time. honestly, I would rather prefer the GWS with side firing button for comfort and ease of use.
when I received the GWS, there was a bit of hesitation on my part. the price was a bit steep and I could not feel the bling factor effect that I want on a shiny stainless steel mod. nevertheless, I am still convinced that this has been the best made local mech mod to date.

So what does the GWS have that differentiates it from other local mods out there? First of all, it is made of grade 316 stainless steel and brass fittings.

Grade 316 explained

Grade 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade, second in importance to 304 amongst the austenitic stainless steels. The molybdenum gives 316 better overall corrosion resistant properties than Grade 304, particularly higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments. It has excellent forming and welding characteristics.

that makes the GWS the toughest among the bunch.

Next is the precision and craftsmanship. it was machined with CNC that implements precision cutting and production of every bits and pieces that makes this fine mod. the threads are so smooth, you can easily turn and twist the tubes and caps with very minimal effort.


The upper portion of the GWS consists of the brass cap that seals the top and provides additional stability for the atomizer, air flow control to adjust to your draw preference and the juice catch cup. the O-rings provides an air tight fit and leak free vaping. similar to the GGTS implementation, this features are a good add-on for a better vaping experience.

The center pole (which is the positive connection to the atty) was too flat and flushed on the atomizer, making it harder to draw, even with the AFC fully open. so, what I did was I dremmeled the top end to make a small slit; adding better channeling of the airflow for the atty.

The middle part consists of two tubes that houses the battery. it can accommodate 18650, 18350 cr123 unprotected batts without a problem. but, using 18650 protected batteries tells a different story. there is too little space left for the button to retract back to. making it prone to firing with just a slight push on the firing button. using TF 16340 protected batt is impossible, as there is no more extra space for the button. the remedy for this issue is to loosen the atomizer about 1mm and push the center pole upwards, to give the button enough gap for it not to fire by itself.

there is a vent hole on the side, in case of battery failure. but, the problem is, once you tighten the tube in long configuration, the vent hole will be partially blocked by the threads from the second tube. on short mode, the vent hole will be completely blocked as there is no more hole for the gasses to vent out of. it is one important safety feature that have been overlooked. Although, there is a pinhole at the bottom switch, I don’t think it is big enough to serve as a secondary vent hole.

The Laser Etched logo and control number is also a plus, giving the owner the feel of exclusivity. mine is #015

The tapered bottom tube and switch is reminiscent of the Megalodon. the tension can be adjusted, from hard to soft; giving you option to set it to your liking. the middle screw is where you adjust the button’s height, depending on the batteries you use. It never had a misfire since the day I got it. I just wish it have been made stainless also as it is a point of wear and tear.

The seamless and precise machining…

Now you see it…

Now you don’t…

The GWS in two configurations.

Over all, the Great White Smoke (GWS) is one of the best made local mod out there. despite the high price, as it is the most expensive among the locals, it is still a lot cheaper compared to high end PV’s being sold internationally. the performance is at par with the Silver Bullet, when it comes to power delivery and more superior when it comes to durability. it surpasses other mods, even international ones, when it comes to bling factor. The seamless ends makes us realize how much time spent perfecting each and every unit made. it has been tinkered with longevity of use in mind. there is no paint nor chrome that will tarnish or chip, there are no ic’s and circuits that will break down in due time, It is one hell of a mech mod and it is made to last.

Shorty in my hand…

Majority stainless steel construction for durability
well machined
Air Flow Control
Adjustable with lock firing button
Leak proof
Can accommodate long and short batteries
Consistent power delivery
Low maintenance needed
Bling factor

Minimal safety features
Non telescopic tubes
Bottom firing is non ergonomic (gives me hand cramps when chain vaping)
Beware of the sharp edges

Again thank you Dwighty for reserving the unit for me and sabawballs for his persistence in the chatroom
Kudos to sikiko and the people behind The GWS mod.

Keep on Vaping…