Recently, i acquired one of the most awaited local mod in our vaping community, the CCPV. Many weeks we waited for this PV to come out and finally it did! Now let us see if it is indeed worth the wait…

Allan Padojino was kind enough to reserve me one immediately, even after the first fifty batch was sold out quickly; after its release. thanks to you my man…

CCPV, so what does it mean?

Chris Creations Personal Vaporizer is the name of this mod. It is one of the creations of zchris of Pinoy Vapers Forum.

CCPV, what does it do?

It is a personal vaporizer made of all stainless steel material. it has three main parts, top cap, battery tube and the bottom cap. It is an all mechanical mod hence, it does not fall into the electronic cigarette category. because it does not need any circuits or wires for it to work.

CCPV looks

The mod is simple and durable as it is made of stainless steel. drop it many times and you will hardly see any dents. A little bit shorter than the Provari mini in extended mode.

the thickness is the same with the Provari so, it wins in small form factor.

The top cap is where the atomiser connector is situated. it has 510 connection, which is the common thread used this days. there is also a small juice well, for the over dripping. the center post is adjustable, for better contact to your favorite atomizer.

The Battery tube is invertable. also interchangable, if you have plans on buying the upgrade sets. it has three large vent windows. i chose to cover mine with stainless steel mesh to make it more solid looking and to eliminate battery rattling inside the tube. Yes, it rattles…

The bottom cap, this where my problem begins. The CCPV is a bottom firing mod. the switch is situated under the bottom cap. The process of using CCPV is supposed to be simple, you unlock the switch by turning it; and then you press and vape. But, not for me. I really had a hard time getting used to pushing the button. the spring was too stiff for my pinky finger. also the sharp corners and edges added more discomfort on my hands. with this discomfort, I tried to remedy the switch by replacing the small spring with a less stiffer one. now i can almost achieve the soft and effortless firing switch of the precise P+. Was I happy? not really. i realized, changing the spring added more problem. as the button is now free of tension from the spring, it starts to turn and lock itself. Now i have to constantly check and reposition the lock before i vape. not my kind of tea…

CCPV power

In a 3.7v configuration, it gives enough power to satisfy your vaping needs for the whole day.

CCPV worth the wait?

For a new mod, it is at par with silver bullet’s power, P+’s simpicity of use. but, the comfort of use has turned me down. Too many bottom firing mods have come and gone in my days of vaping and the CCPV is at the bottom of my list, among bottom firing tube mods.

I guess my pinky finger’s pain threshold is getting low and i need more ergonomic PVs… Am i getting old? well, maybe it’s just me…

I do hope Chris Creations will treat this review as part of benchmark to improve the CCPV. I believe it has gone some beta testing but, i have no idea how they execute the testing process and still was not able to zero in on the button issue.

Keep on vaping…