Got these five goodies from an EAST VAPER named Jason Basas, a few days ago. They are Mhounes! some of the newer brand of E-juices that’s been available here in the Philipines.

Mhounes e-juices are gaining popularity due to its lesser expensive price with boasting good flavor for its value. Mhounes uses a typical 10ml bottle with child proof cap. The five flavors that i received are all in 6mg nic so i will base the review on medium nic content.


First on my test menu is the Appstraw. The flavor is very distinct and pleasurable IMO. I personally like the sweet taste of strawberry and the  not so sour tasting apple, that compliments the whole vapor. I also like the essence the vapor gives off around me, when I vape this juice. It does remind me of my first juices when I was still a noob vaper. Throat hit is also stronger than any 6mg juices, common to strawberry based flavors.


Next in line is the Chocobana. It was kinda disappointing when I first tried this flavor. All I tasted was the immense flavor of banana and very minimal chocolate. Too much sweetener also made it less appealing to me. I am a choco lover and I have tried almost all available e-juices that has choco flavors. Throat hit was below 6mg. The dark flavor also clogs my atty so quickly, I had to wash the wick so often, to keep it clean and avoid the carbon buildup taste that you get when you are vaping dirty atomizers.


The green apple… What green apple? aahhh the ever common green apple flavor you see on every local juice brands in the Philippines. Nothing really new and exciting to talk about, with this flavor. It is what you usually get when vaping an apple flavored e-juice. compaired to the C2 green apple, the taste is very similar. But, this time, green apple is less sweeter. The aroma is also good and enlightening. Throat hit is a good low nic and vapor production is as good as it gets.


The Rootbeer is a not so common flavor that we see and vape everyday. Before I tried this flavor, common cola flavor was on my mind and I was not expecting too much. But, when I opened the bottle, I was greeted with a nice aroma of a real rootbeer. My olfactory senses immediately reminded me of the unnamed juice I usually asked an old friend to custom make for me, long time ago. This was one of my favorite juices. I usually call it wrigleys gum. It tastes really good and it’s a rootbeer! Throat hit was very nice for low nic and vapor production is very ok.


Last but not the least is the Strawbana. I do love the combination and balance of this particular flavor. Very strawberry when you inhale it and the not too harsh taste and aroma of the banana compliments everything. The strawberry is the primary flavor here, which is the way it should be… Very good ratio in my opinion. Throat hit was a bit light though. It feels like a zero nic for me. Vapor production is good also

Over all, the MHOUNES, is one good e-juice for its price. It is one of the less expensive e-juices available but, it doesn’t mean it had to taste cheap. The flavors that they offer may not be that original but, it can be satisfying. Maybe it needs a little bit more of this and a little bit more of that. But still, you cannot beat the price for the nice flavor it gives. Maybe after this review, mhounes makers will step up a notch, making it more competitive but still less expensive. One request I would want them to have thou… can you make me 14mg nics?