Recently, I was asked by a vaper named xedric aka vaporX to try out their new Vapor-X Ultrafogger 510 bridgeless atomizer. So I agreed with the request and proceeded with the test. I then asked vaporX why the high price for such an atty. He did explained some points, and me looking at the specs posted in PVF, here are as follows:

Low Resistance (1.7 ohms)
Hand Assembled
Improved Vapor and Flavor Production
Titanium Mesh

So then, the specs, written above, are the basis of my review. As Xedric wants to know if I could justify the price of the vapoX atomizer for its performance.
First off, the one that I received was the bridgless 510. Same look, feel, cuts. The base and atty connector is gold plated, that is for good conductivity. There are no markings or logo to differentiate it from other premium attys. The vapor-X has a slot as an additional air channel, compared to the IKV which has none and the bastos atty; which is completely sealed at the bottom.

The vapor-X, IKV and bastos have the same length but, the material quality used on the vapor-X is same with the IKV.


Some of my vaping pals do know that I hate bridgeless attys of any kind. It has a learning curve trying to vape a bridgeless without the sizzling hot juice getting into your mouth. But, I noticed inside the atty chamber, is a shield with three air holes. It does serve as back-spit cover. So now! No more hot juice entering my mouth and burning my taste buds. Well, that’s a plus. This feature is similar to MAELSTORM atomizer, which I don’t have at the moment. In fact, the vapor-X specs are very similar to MAELSTOM.


As advertised, mine was 1.7ohms when I first tested it. It is at par with IKV 1.5 ohms and better than 1.8 ohms when it comes to vapor production. There was a tiny bit of dullness in taste thou but, more richer than maelstrom. Throat hit is also good, like other premium attys.


This is one of the reasons why I want to do a thorough testing on vapor-X bridgeless atomizer. To see if it is indeed worthy of a premium badge. Xedric told me that they ordered all the parts abroad. They specified that the mesh used is titanium (that is to retain a cleaner taste and flavor of the juice). High grade silica and a much thicker kanthal coils. All assembled here in the Philippines, so they can assure a thorough quality check on each of the attys, before retailing it to our local vapers.

That way, lemon products can be minimized or maybe avoided. Mind you, these are low resistance atomizers and they do carry 1 week warranty. Which is uncommon to other local sellers and stores out there. That is the selling point of vapor-X premium atomizers, IMHO.

As for the durability, if you may ask? Well, it has served me for almost 3 weeks now. And it still performs very well. Amazingly, it still reads 1.7ohms on my provari. My guess is that the extra effort of hand assembly, combined with the quality of the mesh, wick and coil; really made it as reliable as advertised.

My verdict for the Vapor-X Ultra Fogger Atomizer is, indeed it is one of the premium quality atomizers I have used. It is like buying a premium maelstrom with the guarantee of quality made by our fellow Filipino vapers, who knows what we really want on our atomizers… Reliability and satisfaction.



UPDATE 5/25/2012

The new version of the Vapor-X Premium Atomizer

The newer version seems to give off more vapor and throat hit. the flavor is also enhanced. i really do not know how they did it but, for me; the newer version has big improvements.

It now has one extra air hole in the middle for anti-vacuum lock and for better juice delivery. the coil used was .17mm, as xedric told me. meaning, it is more durable IMHO