Misty Mountain ReviewFinally, I had a chance to visit one of the east vapers lair. I bumped into cholo and also got a chance to get four of the flavors that east vapers are proud to share with the PVF community.

Four flavors of the Misty Mountain e-juices are in scrutiny this time. no mods and accessories for now folks.

The testing process I did is to vape one flavor every hour on freshly built Atty, to see if I will like its taste, TH and vapor and to see if It will be a mainstay in my arsenal of daily juices.

A little bit of misty mistery revealed

“Through the wide range knowledge of creator Ax Briones he produce a juice that can be in line to those juices in the mainstream called, ‘Misty Mountain’. From the title itself, ‘Misty Mountain’ came straight from the higlands of Antipolo City. Inspired by the view every morning outside Ax’s balcony, he come up with the name “Misty Mountain”. First introduce at the East, Covering Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall area and the places nearby. Now, entering much bigger world by intoducing ‘Misty Mountain’ to the people from Mandaluyong, Marikina, Cainta, Taytay and Libis areas.”

First of is the Misty Mountain Blueberry

With this flavor, I can immediately distinguish the blueberry that seems like separating from the vapor and going straight to my taste buds. What’s nice about blueberry is, the moment you exhale, the aroma immediately compliments the taste. There is just this lingering aftertaste of sweetener that stays in my mouth, after a few vapes. Too much TPA my guess?

Flavor is as good as it gets, a subtle flavor and no harsh overdose of concentrates that ends up a disaster on other blueberry brands.

Throat hit is mild with this flavor. Also my bet would be a lower nic is suggested when vaping with blueberry, so that you can enjoy the flavor it gives.

Next is Misty Mountain Watermelon

I was expecting a real watermelon flavor for this one on my first vape. But, the immediate rush of mild mint overwhelmed the flavor that I was expecting. Weird thing is that, the mild mint lingers in my mouth and It feels like I just chumped a whole pack of menthos and breath in, in front of the airconditioner. What’s more weird is that it is refreshing.

After a few vapes, the mild taste of the watermelon starts to build up on my tongue, as the mint slowly numbs down on my gums. I am really not a fan of any menthol or minty flavored juices because it kills any flavor immediately IMHO but, this might be an exception for me. I guess a liquid menthol was used and not those menthol crystals that I dread…

There is not much aroma in this flavor although the sweetness is spot on.
Throat hit is also mild. It’s a bad combination for me if I’d vape a higer nic of this flavor.

The ever common StrawBanana and Misty Mountain has it too!

Hmmm… What can I say about it? It’s what one would expect I guess, strawberry and banana in one vape. But, this has got to be the mildest flavored brand of its kind. It is not bland nor it is extreme when it comes to flavor. The mix seems well balanced with both fruits. There is no overwhelming taste of strawberry (just like the kiddy medicines we usually force into our kids mouth). And no banana overdose either. The aroma also compliments the taste and what I like most about this flavor is the immediate sweetness of the banana rushing out, when you exhale the vapor. The taste is good and the fruits are there but, very mild throat hit for me. If you’re a strawbanana fan, you might want to up the nic a bit for this one.

And lastly, Misty Mountain’s Choco MILO

I am a fan of chocolate flavors so, I am going to give this Choco MILO a hard time earning its place on my list! Common traits you would find on this kinds of flavors are its color. Why do they always have to make it dark? Dark colored juices gunks up really fast in our attys. So it seems, it is a bit lighter colored than FSUSA’s double choco and bombay’s hot choco.

The moment you open the choco MILO’s bottle, you will immediately be greeted with a full flavor, stronger than FSUSA’s and Bombay’s.

For the flavor and taste, first vape reveals its full flavor right away. A short hello of distinct chocolate when I inhale and followed by a goodbye flavor of milo with a touch of mild cream. After that, the full mixture of those flavors stayed well long enough and followed up by a dash of sweetness in my taste buds. That is all… no no bitter taste of the chocolate, no over creamy flavor and no chocolate burning taste. Very straight forward but very satisfying. Well worth it IMHO and it is not a mistake for me getting two of these.

Throat hit is good for a low choco flavored juice.

Those are the Misty Mountain flavors I’ve tested. The choco MILO and Strawbanana has become my favorite and will stay as one of my dozen daily juices LOL. IMHO, Misty Mountain is another good option if you are on a look out on other brands. The essence and concentrates used are top notch. Each flavor doesn’t taste cheap and for me, it is a good option if you are tired of vaping your old juices.

There will be no kudos and thank you on this article. I just want to say, keep it up and mix more juice to Ax Briones , the maker of Misty Mountain. I just hope the flavors made will be as consistent as it is or be made better in the future.

Oh did I say that I paid for this juices? Four plus one promo from cholo of PVF. One of the resellers of Misty Mountain. Hopefully, I will get bigger discounts next time HAHAHA!