It’s been a couple of weeks since I reviewed the Phoenix RA. And I have noticed some vapers not being satisfied by its performance. In my opinion, the Phoenix should’ve been a good RA. If you will compare it with other locally available RA’s, it has its own advantage. So I spent some time thinking of ways to unleash its full potential.

So I found a way that would make the Phoenix a more usable and desirable rebuildable atomizer, by utilizing its juice well and turning the Phoenix into a “virtual genesis”, for us to have a taste of genesis experience. I have always wanted to use SS mesh as a wick because, it gives off a much cleaner vapor and it is a lot safer to use. As many RA users know that using an SS mesh on other rebuildables are frustating at times. This gives the Phoenix an edge, when it comes to a cleaner vaping.


We proceed by rolling an ss mesh and oxidizing it, using torch, water.

After preparing the ss wick, I wrapped a 32aug/.2mm kanthal into five coils. I decided to wrap five coils, excessing one coil turn, so that i can readjust the resistance later. My target resistance is around 1.2-1.3ohms.

I then inserted the one end of the kanthal into the negative pole and lock it down with the screw.

I then proceeded with the other kanthal end. wrapping it around the screw of the positive pole, tugging it a bit; so that the coil will wrap tightly around the ss wick and screw it in place.

This is how it should look like. An SS mesh on a vertical position. The wick should not be touching the poles and the bottom end should be barely touching the base of the juice well.

With everything secured, cut the top end of the SS wick with a pair of scissors.

The finished SS mesh build, resembling a genesis setup. The best is, it performs like one too!

This build yielded a resistance of 1.6ohms, which is not really my sweet spot, so I readjusted the coil.

After unwrapping one coil, my desired resistance is spot on at 1.3ohms.

Dry firing and prepping the Phoenix.

Testing firing with my favorite Ejuice. I can’t shake off the grin on my face; when the juice started sizzling, with no hot spots on the coil. Meaning, It’s a perfect build!

What made the Phoenix a good RA, with a use of SS mesh as wick, is the balance pole position and the deep juice well. As long as there is juice inside the well, the capillary action of the juice into the SS wick, will feed the coil consistently. Therefor, giving you a continues and consistent vapor production with zero bunt taste at all.