New Driptips arrived today!

Recently, I ordered some driptips from BUDZ. This tips are quite unique for its looks. they call it THE LEGGO Driptips. I was curious at how it would look on my mods so I ordered half dozen in different sets of colors. The LEGGO driptip is composed of three very tiny tips that are modular and is stacked to make one driptip. You can interchange each piece or stack them together to make one long driptip. the three parts are made with different materials. the stainless steel, delrin in black or white and the aluminum anodized into different colors.

the LEGGO is made for 510 and 901 standard. It has pretty good colors to chose from and it has wide hole for easy dripping.

Nothing much to talk about this tips. so i will just leave it up to you, if you want to buy these LEGGO driptips.