Recently, I chanced upon a photo of a very familiar rebuildable atomizer on the net. Curious I was, like anyone else, I searched for this black anodized thingy that’s been circulating around the Philippine vaping community.Finally, got hold of it and never let go; until I can make this review. Sellers called it the CRA.

What is C.R.A?

The sellers call it the China Rebuildable Atomizer. What’s new about this CRA? Well, nothing’s really new to hype upon these C.R.A., except for the fact that it is a 90% copy of the locally made FATTY. It is also inappropriately named because there is already the Phoenix, which is made in china too. So I coined thee… THE CHIATTY, short for China made FATTY.

The CHIATTY, I thought is made of aluminum, with a very thin black chrome plating. But, xedric aka VaporX confirmed to me that it is made of BRASS. It has 510 connetor and, guess what; it’s rebuildable! well, just like the FATTY… It has two parts, the base and the top cap with a vent hole on the side.

The top cap has seven ridges (just like the FATTY), Outer diameter and height is also same as th FATTY. The vent hole is a bit bigger and a lot airy (finally something different on that part).

The base is… Somewhat similar to the FATTY. It has two O-rings to hold the topcap and to keep the E-juice  from leaking. Two Philips head screws, for you to clamp the coil with.

The Plastic insulator in the middle is a bit chunky, compared to FATTY. The insulator is made of hard plastic which, IMHO, is not heat resistant. Because, there are already signs of melting, after only few days of testing and vaping, with the CHIATTY. The Positive screw is a bit offset, which is a good move. So that it can accommodate bigger coils and to maximize the space of the base floor. Aside from the offset center screw, there is a small gold plated metal pole embeded into the plastic; this locks the coil more securely than the FATTY’s center screw design. An improvement? Maybe, as long as the plastic stays in its place and never melts.

The 510 connector offers a good improvement on the CHIATTY. The positive connection has a spring loaded pin, that adjusts itself upon contact with female 510 connector. This would’ve been a good feature but, there is a drawback. Any female 510 connector, that has a hole in the middle, will not contact with it. You have to use flat head adaptors if have mods like Reo, for it to fire consistently.

Phoenix and CHIATTY. Just a size comparison with its chinese brother. both have airy draw. Although the CHIATTY looks more appealing, the Phoenix is more robust and durable because it is made of stainless steel.

Looks like FATTY’s upgrades can be used with th CHIATTY too. If you are kinda off with the melting plastic issue.

One quick build, courtesy of my friend jin fermin aka jinbulag.

The performance of the CHIATTY is just the same as any of the rebuildables that we are used to. Still, the vapor, flavor production and throat hit is dependent on the kind of build, wick and juice combined. Weird thing is, it is a bit easier to build perfect coils on the CHIATTY, compared to FATTY. Why? because of the wider positioning of the screws and the bigger screw heads that easily grasps the coils. I have never experienced my coil ends slipping out of the screw, whenever I tighten it in place. It just locks in easily and tightly. Maybe FATTY can adapt that simple improvement?

For it price, it is dirt cheap. 1k-1.2k is not bad at all. If this product clicks, we may see CHIATTY’s in defferent colors in the near future. I would still prefer Stainless food grade steel to be on a safer side.