Yes, fellow vapers. There’s a new e-juice in town! It is called HOMEBREW.

A short story, before I start with a short test on these two awesome flavors; recently presented to me by Richie of PVF. My good old friend, Tata Randy, called me up and asked me to drop by at vapeking. He said, he wanted me to try out some of the new juice flavors in town. At first, I was teasing Tata Randy. Telling him, “Oh another new label but same flavor just like the other ones?” And he said, no, this one is different… So the story ends with me being contacted Richie and being able to finally meet up with him and chance upon this guy’s magic, when it comes to liquids. Oh, incase you don’t know, Richie is a go to guy when it comes to concentrates and DIY juices as he have provided many of our PVF members the quality raw materials, ever since…


The first bottle Richie handed me was this weirdly named flavor named FUSION. Well, with so many flavors around, it’s hard to make up a new and catchy name right? For it’s name, It did define the word when you start savoring the flavor fuzed together with this juice. It is a mixture of fruity flavors brewed into one. The first inhale was a mixture of zesty orange, strawberry, mango and grapes? I can’t really tell which ones are there but, definitely a good blend of a fruity punch when it starts tingling my taste-buds. Followed by a very distinct lingering taste of sweet, but not overpowering, taste of lychee when you exhale.

The flavor never dulls as I vape away with one 10ml bottle. Tasteful and sweet and vapor production is very satisfying.


Oh, this one, you’ve got to try! The second bottle Richie handed me is the CARAMEL PUFFS. When I opened the child proof cap, I was immediately greeted by a tasty aroma of a freshly cooked popcorn dumped with a gallon of sweet butter. So I dripped with the grin on my face, mumbling to myself; oh another same old popcorn flavored juice.

When I vaped, I was wrong with this one haha! Yes, It’s popcorn but, this one tastes like the real deal. The flavor was so distinct, I cannot compare it to other juices except a real popcorn. When I inhale, the immediate rush of mild salty kernel starts filling my mouth followed by a very light toasty aroma. The best part is, the second rush of sweet caramelized butter that lingers; after some puffs. And you’ll end up puffing for some more…

These two flavors are indeed a new addition to our flavor crave. Very distinct and none dulling flavor is the name of the game, when one wants to stay on top of the vape chain. Indeed, HOMEBREW has immediately caught my attention and will be on top of my list when I shop for new e-juice flavors brewing around town.