Recently I had a small chat with Patrick of CHIEF VAPERS. After some giggling and short talk with the mild mannered champ, he handed me a tank and asked me if I could do some beta testing before he put it up for market consumption. I gladly agreed but with some conditions. That I will test the beta unit for the purpose of improving it a bit. So that he can finalize the revisions, before running it in production.

But, for the sake of our vapers out there looking for a good performing and satisfying tank system; I decided to publish my findings on Chief’s vapers version of Vivi Nova tank system, so that they will have an idea of what the Chief’s Tank has to offer.

These tank system comes in a different aesthetic design. The top cap has a steeper taper than other Vivis and has a screw in type driptip that is slimmer.

Over all looks of the tank is better IMHO than other Vivis in the market. Chief’s Tank (on the left) has a sexier look than the Vivi (on the right), with the ugly deep knurling on both ends. Also the tank threads on Chief’s Tank is hidden, making it more pleasant to look at. Anyone can stare into these tanks for hours and it will still look pretty, unlike the other Vivi where you can see the ugly threads and the not well placed label.

The 510 Connection on the base implements a different approach on air channeling into the coil head. The Vivi on the right has two air channels on the side of the base. This two channels runs inside the base, down into the center channel, into the slots of the positive pin and up into the coil head. The length of the channels inhibits a good airflow so what you’ll get is a stiffer draw and potential clogging.

Chief’s Tank has a raised middle base with two opposing slots, for the air intake. The air then enters into four air holes, above the 510 threads, down into the center channel, into the positive pin and up to the head. Air travel is a lot shorter and less restricted, giving you a lighter draw. The only disadvantage i see here is, you cannot sit the tank flush onto a mod.

Maybe Pat can use the vision stones simpler slot design? I always want a tank that will look like it is built into the mod, when it is sitting smack flush on all my PV’s.


As for Chief’s performance, It really impressed me when I compared the two Vivis. Pat’s secret wicking material and kanthal combination outperformed the other Vivi. The wicking was superb on Chief’s tank. I can empty the tank, from chain vaping, without getting any hint of dry hits. Unlike the other Vivi that has diminished wicking performance, below 2ml. Vapor and flavor production is also better. Also, there was no leaking issue on the Chief’s Tank. I let it sat upright for 12 hours with tank full and lay it on its side for 3 hours and there is no hint of leakage. Gurgling is also not present.

Using a provari, at 2.5ohms; it spews more vapor on 3.7 volts than the other Vivi’s 1.8ohms. At 4.1 volts, simulating a freshly charge battery, heat; flavor and vapor is spot on for casual vaping. Hitting the 4.5 volt mark is my sweet spot for the Chief’s tank. At 4.7 volts the vapor is still good. Above 4.7 volts, the flavor starts to over cook.

The only gripes I have on the Chief’s tank is that it is annoying to unscrew the top cap. It is too slippery to hold. And the loud crackling and hissing noise of vaporizing juice when vaping. Because the topcap is very thin, hissing and crackling resonates through the top cap chamber. The Vivi’s top cap is solid that’s why there is almost none.