It’s been a while since I bought the Vivi Nova from a group buy by VAPE REPUBLIQ. It was actually an accidental buy when I saw a bunch of vapers gathering at soya bar in SM North. Luckily, I managed to snatch one from VAPE REPUBLIQ.

This version comes in a white generic box with a ready to fill and use tank and two extra heads. The three heads have different resistance, the 1.8ohms for LR; 2.4ohms for regular and 2.8ohms. As far as I know, the Vivi Nova’s engineering is the latest incarnation; from the already old but still somewhat reliable CE2’s that conquered and plagued the cartomiser family of atomizers.

These latest version boasts a replaceable head. If you feel like using high or low resistance build or the coil dies, just swap the heads and you’re done.

Aside from the easy swapping of heads, it also comes with a three part tank that you can disassemble, for easy refilling and cleaning. The clear tank has 2.8ml capacity and has O-rings on both ends for a leak free vaping. There are two air hole channels on the tank base, which means you can sit it flush on any mod; without blocking the airflow. You can also tweak the airflow by covering one of the air hole. It also comes with a black generic unpolished driptip that is a bit rough on my lips. Unfortunetly, the topcap hole is a shy smaller so not all driptips will fit. Aside from these innovations, the Vivi Nova is surprisingly superb, when it comes to performance. Vapor production is really good and flavor is better but, not comparable to drip atomisers. It wicks good enough when freshly filled. But, when half empty, dry hits are evident. So you need to tilt and swirl the juice around to prevent the coil from drying up during vapes.

For those who are in to menthol or non clear tank friendly juices, an optional aluminum tank, in different colors are also available. Which I think looks sweet and will transform your Vivi Nova into a shatter proof and a more robust tank system.