VAPE KING is now retailing Cisco Atomizers!

As we all know, Cisco atomizers have been around for some time now. It is said to be one of the most reliable commercially available attys around. Yet still, many have not yet experienced how these little babies perform and how well it is worth, as our everyday atomizer.

I have four different Cisco atomizers on hand right now. And I will try to make it worthwhile for you to understand and choose which ones best suit your needs.

First of is the Cisco 510 Low Res and the Cisco Bridgeless Low Res, both at 1.5ohms

The Bridgeless has its standard chromed metal connectors, with two air channels on its side. It has this kind of an airy  drag. But, it is spot on. Flavor is very good with these bridgeless, as one would expect. But, bridgeless vaping has a simple learning curve in order for you to enjoy it. It has to be a long controlled drag, so that you will not experience backspits. You’ll also need to learn the number of drips required, in order to keep the coils wet at all times.

The cisco has a label BL 1.5 meaning, it is bridgeless at 1.5ohms resistance. But, when I checked the resistance on my provari, it reads 1.4ohms. Well, in my experience, it has always been that way with some of the ciscos that i have used before. as long as it is not over the labeled spec, it is fine with me. Also, the bridgeless has a bit of a warmer vape than its bridged brother.

Speaking of bridged, the standard Cisco 510 has an LR 1.5 label meaning, it is a low res 1.5ohms 510 with bridge. It has gold plated connector with same air channels as the BL 1.5. Performance difference would be the vapor production. With the LR 1.5, vapor production is top notch, compared to the bridgeless. But, it has a trade off. The flavor is a little bit muted with the LR 1.5 and it has a colder vapor the the BL 1.5.

Next is the Cisco 306 LR 1.5 and the Bridgeless 1.5

The 306 has been one of my favorite atomizer ever since I started vaping. When it comes to heat flavor and satisfaction, it was my go to atty and it never fails me.

Testing the bridgeless first, as always, the bridgeless has more flavor and ok vapor production. Heat is more pronounced with the 306 BL 1.5 but, the backspit is always present; regardless of how I control my vaping technique with this one.

With the bridge 306 1.5, vaping is more satisfying than its brother. Drag is a little tighter and heat is also same with the 306 bridgeless. Although, flavor is a bit muted, I would choose this over the bridgeless ones and just bump the voltage up, to compensate on the flavor.

What is best for you?

If you are into flavor, I would suggest the bridgeless and give in to the learning curve the atty needs, for you to fully harness its vaping performance.

If you are into plumes of vapor, with a bit lesser flavor; go for the bridged ciscos.

If you want raw heat and more pronounced flavor, it is always the 306 that is on the upper hand than the 510. But, the 306 is more leaky.

If you like to accessorize, 510 is still the way to go. with plenty of colorful driptips and drip shields around; your 510’s has plenty of options; which the 306 doesn’t have.

When it comes to durability, cisco has been known to be more reliable and durable than other generic atomizers out there.

The Cisco 306 standard 1.5 ohms, Bridgeless 1.5 ohms and 510 LR 1.5 homs, Bridgeless 1.5 ohms are available at all VAPE KING branches.