Just adding some security for my ORION. There have been issues of the switch dying because, moist from the tanks center tube tends to seep into the sensitive circuits of the switch.

Upon inspection, I noticed some holes around the center pole.

So I got me some silicon sealant for the job.

Filled up the hole, to prevent any moisture or leaks getting inside through those holes.

I also sealed up those openings.

Also wrapped thick layers of silicon tape on the center pole. This is to completely seal the center tube of the tank. Preventing any accumulated moisture and juices from dribbling into the switch.

Reassemble after the sealant has completely cured.

In case you’d ask, Is this necessary? For me, it ads some sense of security. Three of my friends already had their switch killed because of the moisture issue with the orion. And they are still waiting for the replacements to arrive in october. I don’t want to have this expensive APV be turned into paper weight. It is my primary APV and I always want it in tip top shape.