Here I am again, showing you guys one of the new products from our local maker MADZ MODZ INDUSTRIES. It is called the SLIDER…

The SLIDER is the brainchild of Eddie Amado, the man behind MADZS MODZ INDUSTRIES. The announcement of the SLIDER, a few months back, convinced me to want these mechanical mod. Not for its looks but, for the less common magnetic technology adapted for the SLIDER. The SLIDER is made of 304 grade stainless steel and it doesn’t use threads to hold the battery and tubes together. Instead, MADZ used magnets to hold them together in efficient fashion, you will be amazed on how these mod have been tinkered with and engineered almost flawlessly.

The switch action is also via magnets, which makes it more efficient than spring loaded switches that wears down after some time. The magnetic switch is very soft and it requires less effort for me to press and fire the mod. Aside from the magnets, the SLIDER switch uses 99.994% copper insert for a 99.11 conductivity. Efficient enough to make it a reliable switch for the SLIDER. There is a bit of a drawback though, you’ll need to clean the copper inserts every now and then, for it to perform properly. Very easily done with the SLIDER, just pop the magnets out; wipe the contacts; pop it in and you’re done.

It features a very large juice well, that catches spills from your atomizer. It has native 510 connection with adjustable positive screw. The 510 threads are smooth and accepts almost all of my different atomizers without any threading issues at all. For more convenience,  MADZ also included another positive screw that is a mill longer. This is to accommodate other problematic atomizers with shorter pins.

It can accommodate 18490/18500 and 18650 batteries “with nipples only”. So flat head batteries are a big no no for this mod. For me, the SLIDER and 18490/18500 batteries are a perfect match. Although, 18650 batteries holds more juice; It felt awkward in my hands. And the tubes start to rattle on its 18650 configuration. Maybe MADZ can address the rattling issue on the 18650 config, for the future batches of the SLIDER.

For size comparison, the SLIDER is a lot shorter, in 18490 mode, than the Provari mini in 18350 mode.

The SLIDER boasts its trademark etched, at the bottom end,  with a serial number for each mod. To my surprise, MADZ opted to scribe my name on my SLIDER! Very much flattered I am indeed! Also included is a swarovski blue sapphire crystal, adding some bling that is uncommon to other APV’s out there. One thing on the sapphire crystal placement though, the one on my SLIDER is not recessed and leveled on the tube’s base. The protrusion of the crystal is causing the SLIDER to wobble, when placed upright on a flat surface.

Some cool features that I like on the SLIDER is the quick battery replace trick. There is no safety lock feature on SLIDER but another nifty trick is, just invert the battery and your SLIDER is now safe in your pocket.



SUS 304 Medical /Food Grade Stainless Steel Material

Blue Sapphire Crystal

Top Cap


Bottom Cap

Copper Insert


Positive Screw



Juice Drip Well

Airflow Channels

Vent Holes

Magnetic Switch

Battery Configuration 18490/18500 and 18650 (use AW IMR Battery only)




The SLIDER is a new comer but, it proved itself with a complicated engineering and ingenuity; cloaked in a minimalistic design . I must have gotten used to the old threaded tube mechanical mod, that I was amazed on how one can simply apply a more ingenious idea that would make our vaping life less complicated. Yes, I have some gripes on the SLIDER. Like some occasional misfires, which signals you to clean the contacts right a way. And the rattling issue of the tube, in 18650 mode.

But other than that, the SLIDER mod is a solid and a must have APV …


If you like the SLIDER, you can reach MADZ MODS here: